Deeper Analytics to Beat the Market

  • Consistently delivers Sharpe returns of 2,3,4 or higher.
  • Processes all options activity to determine sentiment.
  • Hundreds of assets tracked against 40 causal key performance indicators.
  • Trained Machined Learning Model improves performance over time.

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The Truth is in There

The signal required to make intelligent investment decisions can be found deep within the torrent of market data. Kosha uses a trained ML model and hundreds of servers to uncover this signal and deliver daily recommendations to drive investment performance.

Deeper Analysis - Better Performance

Unlike shallow analytics tools that skim market data for loose correlations, Kosha incorporates all available options data into its model. By looking at all underlying options contracts for clues about current sentiment, and comparing to past performance of the model - Kosha can confidently make investment recommendations for each asset based on its likely direction.

Optimize Performance with Confidence

Choosing the right portfolio is important; but knowing how to manage allocations of assets in the portfolio on a daily basis can drastically improve overall performance.

Rebalance Daily for Stronger Returns

Even within a strong portfolio, optimal allocations can ebb and flow on a daily basis. After processing all available options data, Kosha makes daily “Long”, “Neutral”, and “Short” recommendations for the assets within a portfolio.

Timed Allocations Improve Outcomes

Timing is about knowing when to put money in and take money out from each asset in your optimized portfolio. A well crafted portfolio can beat the market – a Kosha optimized timing model on this portfolio will put the performance on overdrive.

The Direction is in the Data

Although daily asset price moves can seem random on the surface, the signal to predict these moves can be uncovered with a deeper search.

Options Liquidity: For any asset that has sufficient trading volume in its underlying options, clues can be inferred from changes in long / short sentiment across all of the trades.

Weighted Sentiment: By weighting buy/sell indicators against the length of the underlying contract and strength of the direction, the AI can garner more signal about the overall sentiment on the asset.

Time is of the Essence

Although the truth is in the data, that truth is only valuable if it can be uncovered rapidly. Late is not an option.

Processing Power: Kosha utilizes hundreds of servers to make sure it processes through all available options data as quickly as possible.

Recommendations before Market Open: Kosha arrives at its recommendations before market open - the right recommendation at the right time.

The Magic is in the Model

In addition to analyzing sentiment across hundreds of assets, Kosha also updates its prediction model over time based on the outcomes of its prior predictions.

Pre-trained Model: For every asset it tracks, Kosha has hundreds of days or more of analysis, recommendations, and learning to improve its recommendations over time.

The Right KPI's: For every asset, Kosha tracks performance over 40 separate proprietary and causal KPI's. All of these KPI's are factored into every daily recommendation.

Unbeatable Performance: In the end - performance matters most. Kosha recommendations consistently achieve Sharpe ratings of 2,3,4 or even higher across hundreds of tracked assets.