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Product Evangelist

Shrikrishna has 20+ years of success in investment industry which he heavily attributes to his personal principle of ‘don’t seek money, seek real wealth’. He was founder and managing partner at Kairos Asset Management, LLC. Prior to investment career, Shrikrishna was Director of Operations at Cyrus, a successful technology startup, which was acquired by Ciena Corporation and headed research analysis at Investment Research Associates.

He follows the wisdom of Malcolm Forbes’, “With all thy getting get understanding”, as the fundamental policy for successful wealth creation. This helped fuel his passion for seeking-out strategies that can consistently beat the market. He has proven that investors can achieve outsized returns with acceptable drawdowns in nearly any kind of investment environment. In his career he originated numerous models that have delivered strong returns with relatively low drawdowns. While at Investment Research Associates, he sidestepped two major bear markets of 2001 and 2008 with strategies that returned over 7% while S&P 500 index was down over 50% in both years. Many of these models were effective in exploiting macro dominated market environments when equity strategies floundered.

Shrikrishna’s role at Vistalytics is to guide the engineering team in delivering an elegant, user-friendly research platform by integrating fundamental & qualitative information, so wealth managers can effortlessly manage their investment workflows.